Austin TX: Serial Bombing Suspect Kills Himself as Police Close In

24 year old, Mark Anthony Conditt, was identified as the main suspect in Austin bombings, leads police on chase, exploding the vehicle, eventually leading to his death.

A 24-year-old man has been identified as the Austin serial bomber, his name, Mark Anthony Conditt. The suspect blew himself up with his own constructed explosive, which detonated in his vehicle after an enhanced presence of law enforcement grew closer.

Authorities were able to narrow down the identity of the serial bomber, after realizing the package bombs had one big thing in common. All of the bombs were constructed with common household ingredients. This valuable information pointed investigators to local stores for leads.

“Agents fanned out throughout the city of Austin going to big box retail stores as well as locally owned stores trying to determine whether or not there were suspicious purchases, going through receipts and going through sales records from those stores.” Said Tony Plohetski, a reporter for the Austin American-Statesman.

The information discovered by investigators yielded the identification of the suspect, Mark Anthony Conditt. From there, police were able to obtain search warrants for the suspects IP addresses, showing that he made multiple suspicious and irregular web searches.

Law enforcement was able to make a real impact when identifying Conditt as the serial bomber inside a FedEx drop off store in South Austin, where he shipped another explosive device. Authorities were able to pull security footage of the man and used a cell phone number to triangulate his location to a motel in Round Rock. Law enforcement surrounded the building and waited for back up.

“We were awaiting the arrival of our tactical teams because we wanted to have ballistic vehicles here so we could attempt to take this suspect into custody as safely as possible.” Said Austin’s Police Chief Brian Manley.

While authorities awaited back up, Conditt fled towards his vehicle. Police soon followed the suspect, Conditt then turned onto a road off of I-35 before stopping his vehicle in a ditch. SWAT teams then moved in toward the bombers car. As special teams grew closer, an explosion erupted from inside the vehicle, knocking down an officer, forcing others to unleash a barrage of bullets. It is unclear at this time what exactly killed the suspect, but it is confirmed, Mark Anthony Conditt is deceased.

“The suspect is deceased with significant injuries,”

“This is the culmination of three very long weeks in our community.” Police Chief Brian Manley.

Law enforcement still urges Austin residents to remain vigilant, for more exploding packages could be in circulation. Saying that the suspect’s whereabouts were still unsure over the last 24 hours.

Law enforcement and special agents did a tremendous job over the last 36 hours, working tirelessly to find the information needed to bring an end to these terrorist acts. Investigators should be applauded for their diligent work during this process of apprehending the bomber and keeping Austin residents safe.

President Trump even agrees.