Berkeley Now Requiring ‘Consent Talks’ at the Door During Frat Parties

Originally published by Legal Insurrection

Have you noticed no one is imposing rules like this on left wing feminist events like slut walks?

Campus Reform reports:

‘Consent talks’ now required at door for Berkeley frat parties

Frat parties will return to the University of California-Berkeley this Halloween weekend, but new rules will govern the celebrations, including mandatory “consent talks” for every party-goer.

Last week, Berkeley’s Inter-Fraternity Council announced a self-imposed suspension of all Greek life parties due to two reports of sexual assault at off-campus fraternity houses, bringing together more than 100 members to discuss new policies that could help keep the holiday festivities in check.

The suspension has now been lifted, the Associated Press reports, but only provided that all guests be required to endure a two-minute “consent talk” before being admitted to any Greek life party, during which they can expect to be surveilled by at least three “sober monitors” responsible for ensuring decorum.

The consent talks will apparently cover…

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