Berlin: The Chicago of Germany

Originally published by Legal Insurrection

While the Merkel government and German media don’t like to talk about No-Go Zones and the rising wave of migrant crime in the country, a popular German TV show “Akte 2017” has brought the issue to the forefront. German journalist and moderator Claus Strunz went to Berlin’s Kottbusser Tor area — dubbed as the ‘most dangerous place in Germany’ — to record the latest edition of his show.

As Berlin’s Left-wing state government prohibits police from carrying out video surveillance in the capitol on the grounds of ‘preserving individual privacy’, Strunz and his crew installed 9 cameras in and around Kottbusser Tor, and ran them for 48 hours. Last year, Berlin police registered 1,600 crimes in Kottbusser Tor. However, according to the show’s moderator Strunz, his crew recorded ‘hundreds of crimes’ in just 48 hours and with just 9 cameras.

Strunz also pointed out that the deteriorating law and order situation in Kottbusser Tor-area has been the direct result of a recent migrant influx. The majority of young men he met there had entered the country in the wake of the migrant crisis that began 1 and a half year ago, Strunz said.

Talking at SAT1 TV’s morning show on Tuesday, March 7, Claus Strunz said:

“If you come to this area as an [ordinary] citizen you are simply shocked by what you see. You see acts of violence at every corner. While we were there, police arrested 3 young men following a brutal fight. They had beaten…

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