Big Move for Mutts With a Mission – Monthly Spotlight

mutts with a mission sign
The Mutts With A Mission logo hangs in the window of their new Portsmouth home.

Mutts With A Mission recently made a big move towards their goal of helping as many veterans and wounded warriors as possible.

mutts facility
Dogs resting after a tough day of training at the new facility.

Founder of Mutts With A Mission, Brooke Corson, recently uprooted her life and moved to Hampton Roads, Virginia. This town is just outside Norfolk, one of the largest concentrations of military personnel and veterans in the whole country.

After nine years of building this organization, the next step was to be closer to the veterans she aims to serve. As you may have seen in our previous feature, Mutts With A Mission has finally opened their new facility last month in Portsmouth.

The grand opening was a huge event with a ton of local veterans, new donors, and even the local NBC affiliate showing up to support them.

The new facility has allowed them to train more dogs and more teams. They’re also working to improve the facility to teach these four-legged heroes even more skills.

They have simulated living areas and bedrooms so the dogs can learn how to wake up veterans during nightmares. They also teach them how to retrieve telephones and medication.

Brooke is working tirelessly to improve the new facility, but requests any help if possible. To show her appreciation for their donors, Brooke lines the walls of the facility with signed cards and flags.

mutts facility flags
Signed American Flags lining the walls of the new facility.

Can You Help?

If you would like to donate, please go to their website. If you’d prefer to buy them a gift, like a chew toy or wheel chair, visit their amazon wish list!

To see some more photos of these Mutts With A Mission, check out their Facebook page. Read more about this great cause here.