The Western World’s Most Depressing Chart

July 13, 2018 Editor 0

Daniel J. Mitchell Last week, I shared a graph showing there are more guns than people in the United States, and I wrote that it was the “most enjoyable” chart of the year, mostly because it gets

How Governments Hijack Corporate Self-Regulation

July 9, 2018 Editor 0

Bill Wirtz Many companies have “self-regulated” by launching initiatives that improve the marketplace, e.g. setting ethical work standards or by providing consumers with more information. These policies are particularly encouraging because they are completely voluntary.

3 Ways Governments Misuse Statistics to Deceive You

June 29, 2018 Editor 0

Andrew Berryhill Government agencies and researchers produce endless reams of statistics. While statistics can be valuable, they can be easily misrepresented. A 2017 study on the use of statistics in news characterized the problem as

Why the American Dream is So Elusive for Millennials

June 28, 2018 Editor 0

Annie Holmquist It’s no news that millennials are more financially strapped than other generations. As Forbes reported last year, large percentages of them are struggling to gain “financial independence,” and as a result, are forced

A Zero-Tariff G7 Area? Yes, Please!

June 15, 2018 Editor 0

Bill Wirtz In yet another stunning turn of events at the current G7 meeting in Canada, Donald Trump has argued for a tariff-free G7 area. This would mean zero tariffs and no subsidies. Regardless of

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