Yes, Tax Cuts Really Are The Reason for Your Raise

February 12, 2018 Editor 0

Nathan Keeble Since Trump’s reduction of the corporate tax to 21%, workers across the country have been rejoicing. Companies like Wal-Mart, Apple, Bank of America, and many more have announced firm wide bonuses and minimum

Is This Week’s Mini-Crash Just the Beginning?

February 9, 2018 Editor 0

Brendan Brown According to the mainstream narratives, a state of inflation alert was the catalyst to the US stock market mini-crash of February 2 and February 5, 2018. This explanation echoes the run-up to the

Venezuela Needs Monetary Freedom, and Soon

February 9, 2018 Editor 0

Luis B. Cirocco We’ve heard many excuses from the Venezuelan state: “private property can not be protected under such a system,” and “schools of economics will close because we won’t need economists to control monetary policy,”

Let’s Eradicate Poverty, Not Demolish Wealth

February 8, 2018 Editor 0

Daniel Lacalle By the time you finish reading this article, some 600 people from all over the world will have escaped poverty. In 1990, 35% of the world population lived in extreme poverty. Today, that figure

Haiti Needs Capitalism, Not More Central Planning

January 29, 2018 Editor 0

 Michael Kastner Haiti’s government should do an about-face from the policy of forcefully dispossessing people of land in an attempt to bolster economic output. In August 2013, men with bulldozers arrived in Tru-du-Nord, Haiti, to

President Trump’s Speech at the World Economic Forum

January 26, 2018 Editor 0

  THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary ________________________________________________________________           For Immediate Release                            January 26, 2018 REMARKS BY PRESIDENT TRUMP TO THE WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM World Economic Forum Congress Centre Davos, Switzerland 2:02 P.M.

How Believing in Socialism Can Make You Miserable

January 24, 2018 Editor 0

Brittany Hunter, Dan Sanchez On my (Brittany’s) college campus, the largest and most active club was the “Revolutionary Student Union,” also known as the school’s resident Marxists. Even then, I passionately disagreed with socialism. But one

When Government Shuts Down

January 23, 2018 Editor 0

Llewellyn H. Rockwell Jr. [Editor’s note: In this 1996 article, Lew Rockwell explains that government “shutdowns” are neither as unpopular, or as troublesome, as the media and Washington politicians assume.] According to official history, the

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