The School System Has Failed Millennials

July 13, 2018 Editor 0

Annie Holmquist It’s no secret that U.S. students are not up to par with their international peers. The most recent PISA exam testified to this with the United States placing 17th in reading, 26th in math, and 21st in science. Unfortunately, these troubling

The Self-Oppression of Identity Politics

July 12, 2018 Editor 0

Peter Bowerman In today’s world of exponentially less systemic discrimination, claiming its continued existence effectively compromises more crucial mental and spiritual freedoms. “The mind moves in the direction of our currently dominant thoughts.” Earl Nightingale,

Are Democrats Really More Tolerant?

July 11, 2018 Hank Eckardt 0

One of the oldest talking points in the in politics is the notion that Democrats are far more tolerant than the Republicans. Tolerance is the ability to put up with beliefs or practices with which

How Governments Hijack Corporate Self-Regulation

July 9, 2018 Editor 0

Bill Wirtz Many companies have “self-regulated” by launching initiatives that improve the marketplace, e.g. setting ethical work standards or by providing consumers with more information. These policies are particularly encouraging because they are completely voluntary.

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