Cops Are The Good Guys – PragerU


PragerU is one of the foremost conservative leaders in creating educational videos about politics and culture. They work to spread traditional American values through short 5 minute videos on the most relevant topics of our day, and are hosted by some of the most well-known conservatives of our day.

Their most recent video, called “Cops Are The Good Guys,” is hosted by former Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke. Clarke has been a prominent representative for law enforcement in the fights for securing our border and standing up for police officers who are treated unfairly by the politicians and the media.

Sheriff Clarke explains, “For over 39 years, I was a police officer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. For 15 of those years, I was the Sheriff of Milwaukee County. I’ve done everything you can do as a cop, from walking the beat, to investigating murder, to running the agency.”

He admits, “Cops are not perfect. That’s not a news flash. But this might be: They don’t have to be perfect.” He states that perfection is, in fact, an unattainable goal for police officers, as it is for every profession. He continues, “They have to be excellent. And most officers reach excellence every single day, and often under very difficult circumstances… circumstances you can’t imagine, and wouldn’t want to if you could.”

He explains the real problem with the criminal justice system, not the police, but the politicians. He explains, “In their version of history, the police are the villains of the story, not its heroes. Like everything else this crowd does, they’ve got it all backwards. The police aren’t the problem. The politicians and activists are. The police didn’t create the failed urban policies that have locked people into generational poverty. The police aren’t responsible for fatherless homes, failing schools, and bad lifestyle choices.”