What 'The Witcher' Gets Right about Reputation and Business

A businessperson’s reputation is vitally important to their success.... Read more

John James Outraises Democrat Incumbent in Michigan’s Coveted Senate Race

U.S. Senate contender John James out-raises Democrat incumbent in race for Michigan’s Senate seat.... Read more

DOJ Says Equal Rights Amendment Is Dead

DOJ opinion helps the pro-life cause, as the ERA is actually about legalizing abortion up until the moment of birth.... Read more

Three Bad Arguments for the Minimum Wage

Creating a minimum wage will simply disemploy the lowest-skilled among us, whose productivity is below the legal minimum wage.... Read more

The Myth That the Rich Don’t Pay Their “Fair Share” of Taxes

Allegations that higher-income earners don’t pay their 'fair share' of taxes are a mainstay misrepresentation of the political left.... Read more

Anti-Christian Blasphemy Isn’t Edgy or Brave

Porta dos Fundos and Netflix view themselves as defenders of free speech, but they aren't risking anything by poking fun at Christians.... Read more

Iran Launches Missile Strikes on U.S. Bases in Iraq as Revenge For Soleimani Death

U.S. bases in Iraq filled with American troops came under Iran missile fire during an attack on Tuesday night.... Read more

Bernie Sanders Wants to Kill Pro Baseball

The MLB wants to cut back the minors in order to cut losses. But Bernie Sanders has other plans that may ultimately help kill pro baseball.... Read more

NJ Democrat Switches Parties And Votes Pro-Life

After over 10 years in New Jersey politics as a Democrat, Jeff Van Drew formally switched parties and votes pro-life.... Read more

“We” Should Not Regulate Homeschooling

Homeschooling families often reject the standardized, one-size-fits-all curriculum of public schools and instead customize an educational approach that... Read more

Hangovers Happen as Your Body Protects Itself From Alcohol’s Toxic Effects

The Hangover, this unpleasant phenomenon has been dogging humanity since our ancestors first happened upon fermentation.... Read more

Hollywood Actress Claims She Needed Abortion To Succeed

Actress Michelle Williams’ claims she needed abortion to succeed during her Golden Globes speech.... Read more

Henry Ford Did More for Workers than Unions Did

Ford helped keep workers around through reduced hours, vacation time, and other benefits that are now considered typical.... Read more

Should “They” Really Be the Word of the Decade?

The PC movement and and left-wing movementsdo their most destructive work through the manipulation of language.... Read more

The Key to Affordable Housing Is More Housing

By freeing the market to meet the demands of families and individuals, we can make housing affordable and accessible for more of our neighbors.... Read more

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