Deadspin Editor in Favor of a “Joke” Tweet about Drowning Conservative College Students

Editor for the news media website Deadspin, believes that “the world would be a better place” if conservative college students were killed.

The firestorm was originally ignited by a tweet that was originally posted by Charlie Kirk, of Turning Point USA. His tweet points out how he receives multiple messages from concerned conservative college students, students who believe that they are being wrongfully penalized by professors at their universities because of their conservative political beliefs.

Jesse Farrar, a former writer for the news media website Deadspin, decided to get involved by replying to a tweet by Mr. Kirk. Within his tweet, Farrar “jokingly” calls for the death of conservative students, specifically saying “Held underwater until they stop breathing,” being his preferred method. He later deleted the tweet after tremendous scrutiny and backlash.

Charlie Kirk, who originated the first tweet, replies to Mr. Farrar; almost automatically assuming the radical statement made was just a joke from a so-called “professional” with opposing political views.

Apparently, Farrar’s tweet was not a joke at all. He replied to Kirk’s tweet simply, stating that he wasn’t joking around.  Farrar really is pushing the limits in this situation, sounds like he really is adamant about ridding college conservatives from campuses via waterboarding.


Independent Journal Review (IJR), reached out to the current editor of Deadspin media, Barry Petchesky. The email contained some questions, one asked if Jesse Farrar still has any affiliation or still works for the website. The second question, asked if the type of behavior that was shown by Farrar is accepted or tolerated within the Deadspin organization.


Petchesky’s rebuttal was blatantly concerning, immensely insensitive and just absolutely disgusting.

Specifically, he doesn’t personally advocate the method chosen by Jesse Farrar but believes that “He couldn’t argue that the world would be a better place.”

Let me remind you that this was said by two people that are supposed to be credited media “professionals.”

If the scenario was flipped around and the right had said these things about the left, serious actions would have been set in place. The liberal media wouldn’t have taken the tweet as a joke in the first place, they wouldn’t even give you a chance to defend yourself.

If it was the other way around that person would not only lose their job but would be shamed and tagged as a racist or a bigot for the rest of their career, maybe even charged with some sort of hate crime.

This is just another example of how the liberal media has dominated our recent society and culture, continuing to get away with it. These people are now talking about killing people because they think differently in the political arena. It’s asinine.

The liberal media is contradicting, sneaky and manipulative to our society, our culture. They will try to censor our thoughts and opinions. It’s time to open our eyes.