Dear ESPN: You’re Owned by the Left and We all Know It

The ESPN sports network continues to suffer as they steadily push the left’s obvious political agenda.

No doubt ESPN is a company that has been at the forefront for taking in the consideration of people’s thoughts, constantly flexing the importance of diversity, gender, and sexual orientation. This is an exceptional trait to embody, but there is a difference between being fair and succumbing to outside pressures of narrow-minded political agendas.

ESPN, over the years, has dominated the sports media industry, becoming known as the hub for all sports scores, stories, and highlights, whether their shows were broadcasted on TV, consumed online or shared on social media. The network’s golden age run of superiority is starting to dwindle and sink, with all credit pointing towards the American people.

When the average American tunes into ESPN or any other sports outlet, they do so for one reason, to hear sports news. ESPN continues to step further and further away from that concept as the days go on, they continue to slander our president, our military and our country as a whole. The company keeps neglecting to realize people watch sports for entertainment, it is their escape from the normal regularities of life. The people watching their shows and consuming their content don’t want political opinions thrown at them or to be told they should think a certain way. The people simply want scores, statistics, analysis, and highlights when tuning in to a sports station.

The amount of liberal bias on display by ESPN is horrendous and continues to reoccur on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter what show you tune in to, or what article you read, left-winged opinions and political agendas are apparent for the network and their employees.

ESPN, in under two years, has laid off roughly 200 hundred employees, these firings happened on two separate occasions, with results of 100 employees let go each time. The firings were linked to the recent lack of success that the company and network have had with TV and content ratings, thus, resulting in cutbacks.

Some employees are even claiming they were fired from the company because of their conservative political views. Britt McHenry, a former ESPN employee, spoke publicly about her experiences with ESPN. Saying she was advised to hide her political opinions and delete the word conservative from her twitter. McHenry claims she was fired for writing an article critiquing Collin Kaepernick’s national anthem protests.

It is now publicly known that ESPN has a policy encouraging employees to stay away from politics while at work, along with suppressing political opinions and ideas on social media pages. Unfortunately, ESPN will only enforce this policy if you agree with them politically.

For example, Curt Schilling was fired for posting an anti-transgender meme on his Facebook page, which is seen only by his followers. Rachel Nichols, spoke about the same topic while on air during her show, the only difference was her ideologies came from a left winged stance. She received no consequences and her opinion was broadcasted to millions of viewers.

ESPN being controlled by liberals and taking a hard left approach as a sports entertainment company is no longer an opinion, it is straight up fact. ESPN employees like public editor Jim Brady seem to agree.

“If you consume as much of ESPN’s content as I have for the past 22 months, it seems clear the company leans left,” said ESPN’s Jim Brady.

“I don’t think anyone ever made an executive decision to go that route as much as the personalities the network has promoted into high-profile positions tend to be more liberal, and as their voices are amplified, the overall voice has shifted with it.”

The entertainment company will continue to push and pump out liberal rubbish, all for hopes we comply with their agenda driven tune. They will keep launching political opinions and propaganda focusing on our youth for only their control. The ESPN brand has become nothing but a pawn on the political chessboard, taking orders and covering for its leaders, releasing anything to keep their cause and themselves relevant.

It really hurts to think ESPN, a company that I grew up watching and loved so much can repulse me to the point of a boycott. ESPN will continue to lose their success, their fans, their TV ratings, their money and most importantly their credibility, all in the name of dying Liberalism. Americans will continue to realize that ESPN has lost what made them great, their value of sports, and it’s clear that politics have won that value.

To the network I fell asleep to and woke up to every morning since I was 6 years old:

I bid you farewell. You shall never see me again.

Let the boycott begin.