Dilbert Creator Endorses Trump

In the battle of comic strip endorsements, Trump has pulled ahead with that of the famous cubicle worker, Dilbert.  Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert has officially endorsed the Republican nominee

The UK Daily Mirror reports:

The creator of the comic strip Dilbert has switched his allegiance from Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump and says he believes the billionaire has already won the White House.

Scott Adams, who came up with the ‘toon in the 1980s, instructed readers of his blog to listen to a clip of Clinton asking union members why she’s not ’50 points ahead’ of the billionaire.

‘Ignore the content of what she says, because no one cares about content,’ Adams wrote. ‘Just feel it. And see the future.’

In another blog post Adams also worried that the former secretary of state, as president, would have to spend her time ‘taking care of a dying husband,’ as he noted that former President Bill Clinton looks increasingly frail.

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