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ICE Director Says Illegal Immigrants Are 'Responsible' For Child Separations

Current ICE Director defends Mississippi raids and blames illegal immigrant parents for child separations.... Read more

ICE Prepares for Nationwide Raids on Illegal Immigrants

The Trump administration prepares to resume plans for nationwide ICE raids on Illegal Immigrants.... Read more

Mexico Deploys 15,000 Soldiers to the Border Helping Detain Illegal Immigrants

The Mexican government deployed 15,000 troops to the U.S. border, and will help detain undocumented immigrants.... Read more

Chicago Mayor Refuses to Cooperate in Nationwide ICE Raids on Illegal Immigrants

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot claims the city will not participate in any ICE raids or roundups of illegal immigrants...... Read more

Rep. Ilhan Omar Hit With Campaign Finance Violations

Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar ordered to pay fines after campaign finance violations...... Read more

Alabama Legislature Passes Bill to Chemically Castrate Child Sex Offenders

Alabama Legislature look to pass a bill punishing child sex offenders by requiring them to be chemically castrated. ... Read more

U.S. Believe Russia Conducted Low-Yield Nuclear Test

U.S. officials suspect Russia of conducting unsanctioned low-yield nuclear tests.... Read more

The ‘American Taliban’ Is Freed From Prison

The man known as the ‘American Talibam’ is released from prison after serving 17 years.... Read more

North Korea Fires ‘Unidentified’ Rocket

North Korea launches an "unidentified" projectile missile, amid ongoing tensions with U.S. relations.... Read more

WATCH: U.S. Border Patrol Chief on Current Southern Border Crisis

US Border Patrol Chief Brian Hastings talks about emergency issues weighing on our Southern Border.... Read more

President Trump Claims Immigration Victory in 9th Circuit Court

President Donald Trump claimed immigration victory after shocking ruling from liberal 9thCircuit Court. ... Read more

Assange's Arrest Threatens Global Press Freedom

Julian Assange was arrested and faces U.S. charges of conspiracy to commit computer intrusion. ... Read more

U.S. Pentagon Awards First Border Wall Contracts

U.S. Pentagon approves nearly $1 billion in spending contracts for Southern border wall.... Read more

Trump Administration Cancels MLB Deal with Cuba

The Trump administration moves to cancel Obama-era deal with the MLB and Cuban Government.... Read more

Trump Condemns Iran’s Revolutionary Guard as 'Terror Group'

President Donald Trump designated Iran's Revolutionary Guard labels group 'foreign terrorist organization.'... Read more

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