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U.S. Pentagon Awards First Border Wall Contracts

U.S. Pentagon approves nearly $1 billion in spending contracts for Southern border wall.... Read more

Trump Administration Cancels MLB Deal with Cuba

The Trump administration moves to cancel Obama-era deal with the MLB and Cuban Government.... Read more

Trump Condemns Iran’s Revolutionary Guard as 'Terror Group'

President Donald Trump designated Iran's Revolutionary Guard labels group 'foreign terrorist organization.'... Read more

Rep. Crenshaw Fights for Navy Seal Held on War Crimes

Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw leads the fight in Congress for action regarding a fellow SEAL held on war crimes.... Read more

AOC Criticized After Mocking Prayer Following Mass Shooting

Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was criticized after mocking prayer and politicizing terrorist attack.... Read more

What Does the Government Buy on Its Year-End Spending Spree? Here’s What Made the List.

As the national debt surpasses $22 trillion, it’s time to end Washington’s use-it-or-lose-it spending culture.... Read more

College Football Player Wears Democratic Socialist Pin During White House Visit

A player from the North Dakota State Football team, wore a Democratic Socialist Pin during the team’s championship White House visit.... Read more

U.S. hostage released after 18 months in Yemen

President Trump announces U.S. citizen that was taken hostage in Yemen has been released after 18 months.... Read more

WATCH: Highlights From State of the Union

Catch up with all the highlights from President Trump’s 82 minute State of the Union address.... Read more

President Trump's Deregulation Continues

President Trump Is Following Through On His Promise To Cut Burdensome Red Tape And Unleash The American Economy... Read more

President Trump's Speech at the United Nations

The full text of the speech President Trump delivered to the United Nations General Assembly.... Read more

Cutting Coal Could Mean Less Power, Bigger Bills

The President of Consumer Action for a Strong Economy (CASE), Matt Kandrach, recently wrote an article regarding the dangers of cutting coal production... Read more

The Top 1% Have 40% of America’s Wealth: Is This a Problem?

Andrew Berryhill A 2017 study found that 66 percent of Democrats view economic inequality as a “very big” problem, and 93 percent believe it to be at l... Read more

The Liberal Snowflake of the Week goes to…

I thought I would share my typical, but nonetheless “eventful” walk home from work last night. Your Liberal Snowflake of the week…Dru... Read more

San Francisco’s Protectionist Attempt to Ban Company Cafeterias

Brittany Hunter Silicon Valley is no stranger to competition. The race to produce cutting-edge tech products that set you apart from the crowd is never... Read more

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