Donald and Ivanka Trump Rollout Conservative Family Care Plan

Conservative HQ is reporting that Donald Trump rolled-out a new family care proposal last night. The plan, influenced it is said by his daughter Ivanka, was substantive and detailed, but it was met with near-silence from the establishment media and grumbling about warmed-over liberalism from many conservative commentators.

George Rasley, CHQ Editor writes,

Mark Levin, who recently came around and declared he was voting for Trump said, “Donald Trump is calling for 6 weeks of paid leave for maternity, which is warmed over liberalism. This proposed safety net for new mothers is liberal-speak for creating a new welfare program. Here we have more big-government proposals because Trump is, in his heart, a liberal with some conservative proposals.”

However, the idea that expanding childcare would be part of the Trump agenda has been on the table since the Republican National Convention. Ivanka Trump devoted a portion of her Republican National Convention speech to the topic, promising policies to help women and Trump said last month that child care would be a part of his economic plan.

Trump’s updated plan would allow families to deduct child care expenses, up to the average cost of child-care in their states, from their income taxes. The deduction would be available to individuals with incomes up to $250,000 and couples who make less than $500,000 ― thereby excluding the wealthiest American families, but still giving benefits to large numbers of high-income people, according to the Huffington Post.

Trump also wants to set up tax-free savings accounts to help parents set aside money for education and enrichment. Those savings accounts would be available to non-parents to care for their elderly parents as well, according to a background briefing by a campaign adviser.

Is the idea of expanding child and family care “conservative” or not?

Answering that question reveals one of the main fissures in the conservative movement and Trump’s appeal.

First, it is worth noting that some of the ideas in Trump’s plan have been floated by other Republicans, notably by one of the great white hopes of the Republican establishment; Senator Marco Rubio.

Secondly, the answer might be illuminated by a recent column for The Washington Free Beacon by Matthew Continetti.



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