Dunetz: Assange on Election Day

Originally published by The Lid

On Election Day Wikileaks released a message from Julian Assange to America about our elections (see below).

You have to admit WikiLeaks made this election season much more exciting. This year started with the DNC release that exposed how Bernie Sanders was screwed by the Democratic Party and caused Debbie Wasserman Schultz her job as DNC chairman. And even the Democrats anticipated the daily release of John Podesta’s emails (of course they anticipated it with dread –while for Republicans it was like opening up holiday presents).

While there was no major bombshell that would send Hillary to jail as Assange hinted, the WikiLeaks releases did serve their purpose here are my picks for the top ten.

  1. Demonstrating that Hillary sent top secret data to her maid (she didn’t have security clearance) so she could print them for Ms. Clinton.
  2. Proved that Obama lied about not knowing about Hillary’s private email server (he used a pseudonym)
  3. Showed that Hillary took money from Qatar and Saudi Arabia despite the fact she knew they were helping ISIS
  4. Hillary took $12 Million from Morocco in a pay to play scheme
  5. According to the Clinton campaign Latinos are “needy” and outreach to Latino voters is called “taco bowl engagement.
  6. Donna Brazile passed along debate questions to Hillary Clinton and CNN asked the DNC for questions to use in…

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