Dunetz: The Pundits were ALL WRONG

Originally published by The Lid

Well the pundits were wrong weren’t they.

Here’s to the political pundits, both right wing and left, who sat in their ivory towers saying there was no way Donald Trump would win the nomination. And once he got the nomination many of those same pundits said there was no way he could win the election.

Those pundits never bothered to check out what people were feeling in the heartland. In fact many of those same pundits decided that anyone supporting Trump was either stupid or racist. Even after the election many of the same pundits are calling those who went for the GOP candidate stupid or racist.  These pundits know better than the people and tried to make sure Hillary would win the presidency. They refused to recognize the truth, many of the Trump voters were left out of the political process. They voted for billionaire despite what the pundits said because he spoke to them, he promised to help…

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