Public Schools: Tearing Human Minds To Pieces?

Public school systems have become indoctrination centers teaching one sided progressive perspectives.... Read more

Elizabeth Warren Supports Radical Abortion

Warren remains fixated on laws protecting the so-called right of the mother to kill her unborn child.... Read more

Psychoanalyst: Forget Political Correctness, Kids Need Both Parents

Children are better served by having a unified home with both parents involved, we need to stop bowing to PC pressure to pretend otherwise.... Read more

8 Books on Personal Growth That Can Help Your Career

No matter the trajectory you intend for your career, each of these books offers excellent guidance and tools to continue down any path.... Read more

America: Ripe for Communist Revolution?

Are we on the verge of seeing the popularity of Democratic Socialism morph into the new world of Communism 2.0?... Read more

If Joker Met Jordan Peterson

What separates a monster from a hero?... Read more

California Governor Signs Campus Abortion Mandate

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed SB 24 into law requiring the distribution of life-ending, chemical abortion drugs through California public col... Read more

Stimulants: Using Them to Cram for Exams Ruins Sleep and Doesn’t Help Test Scores

Some college students take stimulants to cram for exams, but studies suggest that has little positive effect.... Read more

Property Rights Are What Separate Humans from the Animal Kingdom

As Adam Smith noted, dogs do not have property rights, as do humans.... Read more

The World's Least-Free Countries Reveal Just How Much "Socialism Sucks"

Socialist tyrants were the greatest mass murderers in history, and the young must be apprised of this melancholy fact.... Read more

The Ugandan Miracle of a Market-Driven Charity

This charity utilizes a market-based approach to get people invested in their own success, while reducing child and infant mortality rates.... Read more

Planned Parenthood Shuts Down In Michigan

Another Planned Parenthood facility has closed, this time in Saginaw, Michigan.... Read more

How to Stop Google and YouTube From Becoming Orwellian Nightmares

Big Tech is huge. Abuses by Google and YouTube could destroy careful public thought. ... Read more

When the Quest for Education Equity Stifles Innovation

The Powderhouse story is the latest example of why educational innovation must occur outside of the public schooling system.... Read more

Why Families With Children Should Consider Owning a Pet

In today's world it's important to remember pets are an addition to a family, not a replacement.... Read more

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