These Insurance Plans Subsidize Abortion

Majority of Americans do not support their tax dollars being used to fund abortions.... Read more

Teacher Unions Destroy School Accountability

The Clark County School District evaluated itself and determined that all teachers and administrators are doing a great job —and by the way, the union ... Read more

There's No Relief in Euthanasia

Embracing suffering, learning from it, and enduring it, benefits not only those we love, but ourselves as well.... Read more

16 Children's Books You Didn't Know Were Anti-Authoritarian

Kids solving problems and getting out of predicaments on their own without the help of adults is a common theme in children's literature.... Read more

The Spanish-American War: When Liberation Became Oppression

Prior to the Spanish-American War, Americans had followed George Washington’s admonition to avoid foreign entanglements.... Read more

8 Simple Tips to Make the Most of Your Winter Break

Don’t let the relief and relaxation wipe out your opportunities to grow.... Read more

Socialist Policies Have Piqued American Interests Before

Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and others may be pushing socialism today, but they're far from the first American politicians to do so.... Read more

Why We're Staying Put: The Loss of American Mobility

The narrative that Americans are constantly moving within the country is no longer true.... Read more

Understanding Elizabeth Warren's "Radical" Wealth Tax

Elizabeth Warren’s proposed wealth taxes will have devastating consequences on capital formation, and will encourage investors to hold riskier assets t... Read more

Why We Need to Take Education Back to Past Practices

Everyone is trying to figure out how we make progress and fix the American education system. Maybe we need to be looking backward rather than forward.... Read more

Forever Free: The Importance of Literacy

One way to get people to stop reading books is to fail to teach them to read proficiently.... Read more

Social Justice Is Nothing like Real Justice

Social justice has done more harm to those it intended to help, ultimately hindering society’s advancement as a whole.... Read more

Why the Pilgrims Abandoned Common Ownership for Private Property

The first few years of Plymouth colony were fraught with hardship and hunger. Economics had a lot to do with it.... Read more

Some Smokers Credit E-Cigarettes With Saving Lives-Does That Matter?

While 39 vaping related deaths too many, there are half a million smoking-associated deaths in the U.S. each year.... Read more

Misconceptions Still Drive Socialism

Socialism was, is, and will continue to be a failure in everything except keeping people behind walls, iron curtains, and barbed wire.... Read more

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