Government Meddling Is the Reason You're "Underpaid"

It is frequently allege that, under capitalism, people aren’t paid what they are worth to employers. But the commonly-drawn implication that state inte... Read more

How to Overcome Your Digital Addiction

In his latest book "Digital Minimalism," computer science professor Cal Newport says our drive for social approval is one factor behind the rise of dig... Read more

About That Che T-Shirt

Think twice about adding a Che Guevara T-shirt to your Christmas giving this year.... Read more

Why a “Billionaire” Wealth Tax Would Hurt the Working Poor and the Middle Class

Although the wealth tax was drafted with the poor in mind, its passing could cause them more harm than benefit.... Read more

Can Babies Defeat Marx?

Perhaps instead of running from children, the current child-bearing generation needs to embrace them. ... Read more

The FDA’s Outdated Standards Make Shopping for Healthy Food More Confusing

Bureaucrats at the FDA would be wise to take a more holistic approach to nutrition... Read more

Why the Government Can't Measure Income, Happiness, or Well-Being

If we believe that policy 'works' when measured money incomes go up, we're measuring success based on a flawed and partial measure.... Read more

Why We Lie to Our Doctors

60 to 80 percent of Americans 'admit they avoid telling their doctor details that could be relevant to their well-being.'... Read more

Scandinavia is Not Socialist, It Just Soaks the Taxpayer

A look at tax rates in Scandinavian countries reveals a hefty burden.... Read more

The Difference Between Regulated Markets and Free Markets

What exchanges take place, and which do not, is affected by how markets are regulated. Black markets and regulated markets have different outcomes than... Read more

What We Get Wrong About Pursuing Equal Outcomes

It's deeper than the pursuit. ... Read more

How the War on Meat Threatens Your Health and Freedom

As long as we selectively support the right of ownership in our body, there is no right of ownership in our body.... Read more

What SEALs and Caesar Teach About Slowing Down

It's hard to slow down, but doing so is a lesson as old as the Roman Empire. ... Read more

Eugenics and the Racist Underbelly of the American Left

Jim Crow policies and the eugenics-tinged racial purity theories behind them were at the heart of progressivism, something that few progressives today ... Read more

Be “Climate Change Skeptics”

Given that grim reality and poor track record of drastic government solutions adopted in an atmosphere of fear, a healthy skepticism should not only be... Read more

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