For Male Students, Technical Education in High School Boosts Earnings After Graduation

Could a high quality and specialized technical education in high school make a difference?... Read more

No, Slavery Did Not Make America Rich

The historical record of the post-war economy demonstrates slavery was neither a central driving force of, or economically necessary for, American econ... Read more

Early Starts in School Lead to Higher Rates of ADHD Diagnoses

Youthful exuberance should be valued and encouraged, not pathologized.... Read more

What Is Lobbying (And Do We Really Need Lobbyists)?

In 2018, lobbying spending in America reached $3.4 billion, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.... Read more

Hong Kong Protests Highlight Failings of UK-China Agreement 35 Years In

The protests in Hong Kong are showing the cracks of the Sino-British Joint Declaration which was signed 35 years ago.... Read more

The Constitution of the Killing Fields

The contents of a nation’s constitution, its most supreme law, ought to be composed with care and precision and implemented with scrupulous fidelity.... Read more

5 Tips on How to Pay Off That Student Loan Before You're 30

Here are five practical tips everyone can follow to put an end to student debt quickly.... Read more

Elizabeth Warren’s Anti-Corruption Plan: What’s It For and Will It Work?

Will Senator Elizabeth Warren’s restrictions on lobbying cure Washington corruption, as she promises?... Read more


The Government! What is it? Where is it? what does it do? what ought it to do?... Read more

Technological Innovation Is Nothing to Fear

Robots are not fundamentally different from other labor-saving innovations, and there's no reason to believe increased innovation will lead to mass une... Read more

Health Care Delayed Is Health Care Denied

Nationalizing health care into a single-payer format is popular, but how does it work in practice?... Read more

The Evolution of Governance in 9 Stages

It starts with clans and kingdoms, followed by empires and republics. But then what?... Read more

Free Markets Promote Those Who Peacefully Improve Others' Lives

By enriching most those who are most productive, capitalism makes those they deal with more fit for survival, as well.... Read more

Why So Many College Students Are In Mental Distress—And What Parents Can Do about It

More supervision and less autonomy, combined with social media influences, could be making college students more prone to anxiety and depression.... Read more

Rent Control: A History of Failure

Rent controls are a recipe for less housing, and unaffordable rents. At least for most people.... Read more

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