The Meat-Packing Myth

There is a myth that Progressive humanitarians agitated for meat-packing regulations which now protect us from disease.... Read more

What Is Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is fraught with uncertainty, offering no guarantees.... Read more

The “Medicare for All” Math Doesn’t Add Up—and Elizabeth Warren Knows It

Americans deserve to know how much Medicare for All will cost and how candidates intend to pay for it.... Read more

Video Games Can Bring History Back To Life

It is one thing to learn about history in a classroom. But as any visitor to a living museum can tell you, a fantastic way to learn is to make a person... Read more

Zoning Laws Hurt the Poor the Most

The increased costs, monetary and otherwise, associated with zoning restrictions falls most heavily on the lowest end of the income spectrum.... Read more

How Small States Lose When They Abandon the Electoral College

Why do small states keep signing up to give away their electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote? ... Read more

Leana Wen Accuses Planned Parenthood Of Being Abusive Organization

Former Planned Parenthood president Leana Wen accused Planned Parenthood of being a disrespectful and abusive organization.... Read more

Economics Lessons for Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders is becoming increasingly desperate to recapture the momentum he once had. All he can do now is point the finger of blame at a growing li... Read more

The 8 Fastest Disappearing Jobs in America

Innovation moves the world forward, but not painlessly.... Read more

The Flaws of Elizabeth Warren’s Wealth Tax Plan

The “Ultra Millionaires Tax” should be a red flag for anyone who believes in personal responsibility, hard work, and private property.... Read more

There's Nothing Natural About Socialism

Democratic socialists are committed to destroying the voluntary and naturally-occurring relationships that develop in the marketplace among consenting ... Read more

What Modern Democratic Socialists Can Learn from F.A. Hayek

The realization of the socialist programs mean the destruction of American freedom.... Read more

The Problem With the Push for More College Degrees

We shouldn't be rushing students through college as quickly as possible, nor should we measure the worth of a degree simply by its economic utility.... Read more

Planned Parenthood Has Infiltrated California's Government

California Legislature has seen an important shift in the process of SB 24.... Read more

Community: The Missing Element in Modern Schools?

Could this be the key to the better American education so many of us long for?... Read more

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