Joe Rogan Criticizes Transgender Athletes in Female Competition

Podcast host and UFC commentator Joe Rogan blasts the inclusion of transgender athletes in female competition.... Read more

Why D.C. Is a Real Life Mordor

Washington D.C. might be more analogous to Mordor than one might think. Thomas Massie muses on Tolkein, and how power corrupts our politicians.... Read more

Making Life or Death Decisions is Hard

When faced with a wildfire, responders must act quickly and decisively to save lives... Read more

Rebellion Is in Fashion: Ersatz Couture and Avant-Garde Design in East Berlin

The raucous, rebellious beauty of illegal fashions fed East Germans’ need for creativity and individuality under a government that controlled every asp... Read more

The 'OK Boomer' Meme Comes From a Place of Insecurity

A society that has abandoned religion, as ours has done, also fears death, which in turn leads to contempt for older generations.... Read more

10 Jokes That Could’ve Landed You in an East German Prison

Here are 10 more jokes that were popular in East Germany, but were almost certainly too hot (or just too honest) for the Stasi.... Read more

Can Crypto Revive Swiss Banking?

While some governments have sought to wage war against cryptocurrency, Switzerland is striving to become a "crypto-nation." ... Read more

5 Ways the Hunger Games Dystopia Happened in Real Life

Dystopian stories are popular for sure, but you don’t have to turn to fiction to find them.... Read more

Piers Morgan: 100 Genders Is Too Many

Has the definition of gender gone beyond the realm reality and common sense?... Read more

Zombie Flu: How a 1919 Pandemic Fueled the Rise of the Living Dead

The rise of the living dead has a surprising link to another recurring visitor: the influenza virus.... Read more

Earl Campbell: Texas Needs a Black Quarterback to Become Dynasty

Texas Football Legend Earl Campbell believes UT needs a “talented black quarterback” to reclaim dynasty days. ... Read more

Why 1920s Americans Probably Wouldn’t Trade Places With Us

Let’s jump aboard our time machine and zip back a hundred years.... Read more

Copycatting Melania Trump

Melania Trump is a model first lady. We can learn a lot from her humility. ... Read more

What’s Behind the Explosion of Pet Costumes?

Halloween costumes for pets are big business! What does this say about the maturity of the pets' owners?... Read more

3 Ways to Avoid the Zombie Workplace

Don’t let "average" employment turn you into a mindless follower.... Read more

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