Be “Climate Change Skeptics”

Given that grim reality and poor track record of drastic government solutions adopted in an atmosphere of fear, a healthy skepticism should not only be... Read more

Transgender Athletes Unfairly Dominate UK Women’s Rugby

Biological men who identify as transgender females continue to dominate women’s rugby leagues in the UK.... Read more

19,000 SB24 Veto Petitions Land on California Governor

Students for Life America partnered with California pro-life organizations to deliver 19,000 handwritten petitions opposing SB 24 to the office of Gove... Read more

Trump, Greta, and the Faint Heartbeat of American Humor

A few people still know how to laugh at themselves and others.... Read more

Think the US is Corrupt? 6 Countries Who Say, “Hold My Beer”

Each year, at least 5 percent of the global gross domestic product is wasted by intense corruption.... Read more

Electric Cars vs. Gas Cars: Is the Conventional Wisdom Wrong?

What rings true intuitively isn't always backed up by the numbers.... Read more

The Marxist Class System of Energy Drinks

We bet you didn't know that energy drinks correspond to Marxist class divisions.... Read more

‘Always Packin’: Have Americans Become Lazy About Personal Safety?

Americans are living in a much safer age than ever before, but should we really be waving away our responsibility for our personal safety?... Read more

Dave Chappelle and the Public Thirst for ‘Sticks and Stones’

Sticks and stones might not break your bones, but Dave Chappelle’s Netflix special will likely hurt PC feelings.... Read more

ICE Arrests Illegal Alien Wanted For California Homicide

ICE arrests three-time deported Illegal Mexican national wanted for Anaheim, California homicide.... Read more

What Is Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is fraught with uncertainty, offering no guarantees.... Read more

Video Games Can Bring History Back To Life

It is one thing to learn about history in a classroom. But as any visitor to a living museum can tell you, a fantastic way to learn is to make a person... Read more

Progressives Are Starting to Notice the Weird Cultural Climate

The cultural climate out there is weird. Just about every American adult feels it, although we try to go about life as normal, pushing our unease aside... Read more

The Hidden Hold Up to American Innovation

American innovators shouldn’t need permission slips to create something helpful to consumers.... Read more

Leana Wen Accuses Planned Parenthood Of Being Abusive Organization

Former Planned Parenthood president Leana Wen accused Planned Parenthood of being a disrespectful and abusive organization.... Read more

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