My Life as a Terrorist

With the way that TSA has been for a while, and the way that San Francisco is now, one wonders what would happen to an NRA member flying into the city.... Read more

How We Know California's New Rent Control Law Will Make Its Housing Shortage Worse

Rent controls propose using government regulation to solve the symptom—high prices—of a problem—a shortage of housing—which government regulation creat... Read more

Rep. Ilhan Omar Compares U.S. Detention Centers to Slave Camps

Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar compares U.S. immigration detention centers to African slave camps.... Read more

Fake Meat Is Just Part of the Movement Toward Artificial Everything

In the brave new world of artificial everything, anything is possible.... Read more

Like Most Government Central-Planning Schemes, Zoning Laws Raise the Cost of Living

Rising property values are nice for those who own property, but they raise the barriers to home ownership and business startups for everybody else.... Read more

Community: The Missing Element in Modern Schools?

Could this be the key to the better American education so many of us long for?... Read more

10 Mistakes Young Professionals Make While Job Hunting

The mistakes young professionals make are usually a result of being new to the workforce.... Read more

Fate and Accountability: The Choice Makes Us Who We Are

Are you someone who takes control of your own fate? Or do you merely bemoan the things that seem to happen to you?... Read more

Do Consumers Know What's Best for Them?

Like the mythical “economic man,” the Perfectly Wise Individual is a straw man created by the critics of the theory.... Read more

Did California Just Kill the Gig Economy?

The gig economy was never meant to be a traditional sector, so treating it as such belittles what it actually is.... Read more

How to Change Victimhood Culture in a Few, Short Years

Is there hope for the current entitlement culture???... Read more

‘Get Your Guns, Boys! They’re Robbing the Bank!’

Are we willing to sacrifice “wokeness” or virtue signaling in order to cut through the haze and tread the path of common sense?... Read more

Football and the Sunk Cost Fallacy

I may profit in the future by learning from my mistakes, but fretting today about a choice already made just compounds my mistake.... Read more

Jim Carrey Claims Mitch McConnell Is Worse Than Osama Bin Laden

Hollywood Actor Jim Carrey posted a picture to Twitter saying Mitch McConnell is worse than Osama Bin Laden.... Read more

Silicon Valley Wants To Read Your Mind – Here’s Why You Should Be Worried

Facebook and Neuralink are hoping to be able to read or directly connect to your brain. This presents a whole set of ethical problems.... Read more

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