NYT: 2020 Democratic Candidates Remain All In On Abortion

The New York Times published a survey showing every Democratic candidate supports open abortion in America. ... Read more

An Overlooked Reason Fertility Rates May Be Falling

It's not student loan debt, or non-family-friendly employment policies. ... Read more

How to Tell if Your Digital Addiction is Ruining Your Life

The fear that digital distractions are ruining our lives and friendships is becoming widespread.... Read more

Myles Garrett Claims Mason Rudolph Used Racial Slurs Prior to Helmet Brawl

Cleveland Browns DE Myles Garrett accused Steelers QB Mason Rudolph of using a racial slur before helmet attack.... Read more

“OK Boomer” Is Just the First Salvo of a Larger Generational Showdown

Baby boomers might have paid into Social Security, but millennials and Gen Z are being asked to pay a lot more—for a program that will offer them less ... Read more

Gluten-Sensitive Liberals? An Investigation of This Food Fad

Is the battle over gluten avoidance just one more political argument you'll have to tread lightly around this Thanksgiving?... Read more

Marcus Aurelius’s Guide to Inner Freedom

Marcus Aurelius’s "Meditations" instructs us in practices to restore our power of free will.... Read more

To Feel More Gratitude, Pay Less Attention to Your Feelings

Closing the gap between wanting to be grateful and actually feeling grateful is more a matter of allowing than doing.... Read more

Kamala Harris Claims President Trump is America’s Biggest National Security Threat

During Wednesday’s Democratic Debate, Kamala Harris labeled President Trump as America’s biggest national security threat.... Read more

Avoiding Stupidity in the Age of Pregnant and Period-Producing Men

Stupidity continues to swirl in society with increasing vigor. The important thing is whether each of us will allow ourselves to be dragged along with ... Read more

Why Kanye West Is Leaving California and Taking Yeezy With Him

For entrepreneurs and visionaries, California’s regulatory climate is more than just frustrating—it’s innovation-killing.... Read more

Could Helmetless Tackling Training Reduce Football Head Injuries

With football season well underway, there already have been instances of helmet-to-helmet hits, concussions and yet another round of conversations abou... Read more

The Origins of the Thought Police—and Why They Scare Us

In a sense, "1984" is largely a book about the human capacity to maintain a grip on the truth in the face of propaganda and power.... Read more

Lost Innocence: Let’s Give Children a Childhood

Our culture, our society, and our government have little interest in preserving innocence of any kind. ... Read more

Painting Tinseltown Red

"Guerilla street artist” and “Republican” are two identities not often associated with one another.... Read more

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