Planned Parenthood Accuses Citizen Journalist of Participating in Organized Crime

Planned Parenthood’s case against CMP is bogus and fueled by the resentment of being caught producing evil acts.... Read more

I Aced the SAT and Was Accepted to Several Ivy League Schools. Here’s My Advice

The biggest secret to success is that there is no secret.... Read more

Lies, Bias, and Twisted Facts: MSNBC and Media Bias

Quit trying to silence those with whom you disagree with and deliver the straight up facts.... Read more

What Amazon, Nike, Uber, and Disney Do With Their Money

The truth is that corporations are constantly investing dollars back into their business operations, rather than simply sitting on their capital.... Read more

Steve Jobs’s Unveiling of the iPhone Holds a Timeless Economic Lesson

The case for liberty is hidden in plain sight in our phones and a million other things our lives depend on.... Read more

Bar Mob Assaults Portland Man For Wearing ‘MAGA’ Hat

Oregon man gets sucker punched for wearing his “MAGA” hat by mobs of people outside a Portland bar.... Read more

Spreading Their Wings: How to Help Young People Succeed in College

The more they mature in college, the better our young people will be prepared to face the challenges of the adult world.... Read more

Solar Roads: Another Government-Funded Energy Failure

From solar roads to Solyndra to the ATVM program, government-backed technological endeavors have been a disaster.... Read more

Remote Control for Brain Cells: Scientists Use Ultrasound Waves to Activate Neurons

New technology known as sonogenetics, give ability to non-invasively control the activity of cells using sound.... Read more

The Media is Doing the Bidding of Planned Parenthood

We know that the media leans left, but further proof is on display over the coverage of Planned Parenthood leaving the Title X program.... Read more

Why ‘Adult Recess’ Is Becoming a Trend

Is it time our society grew up???... Read more

5 Tips for College Students to Avoid Burnout

Keeping sight of the reasons you’re in college helps stave off that burnout feeling.... Read more

FS1 Co-Host Blasts Kaepernick For Using Anthem Protests to Prove ‘Blackness’

Former NFL player Marcellus Wiley criticizes Colin Kaepernick for using anthem protests to validate his “blackness.” ... Read more

Delusion, Doublespeak, and Duplicity: Why Language Matters

To paraphrase Orwell, thought corrupts language and language corrupts thought.... Read more

What the Tiny House Movement and Thomas Jefferson's Monticello Have in Common

What do Thomas Jefferson's Monticello and tiny homes have in common? More than many might think.... Read more

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