Entrepreneur Tips: 4 Ways Storytelling Can Get You More Loyal Customers

by Toby Nwazor, GenFKD

Some of the most important entrepreneur tips center around utilizing storytelling to shape your narrative and grow your brand.

Humans are generally magnetized by stories. Moreover, people want to share their own experiences as it relates to the story. They want to read what other people have to say. They want to ask questions. They want to say “I’ve been there” to the writer for talking about what they have been experiencing.

People can relate easily with a story and everyone wants to make a personal connection with the people behind their favorite products. Sharing your story, or that of your company, on your blog or on your social media account, can make a huge difference in your marketing campaigns.

Here are four suggestions to use storytelling to attract, retain, and turn your customers to loyalists.

1.) Get a relatable story and make the customer the hero

Having customer demographics and profiles are obviously necessary. First off, you need not just an idea of who your customers are, but what they do, where they live, where they work, how much they earn, and basically all the information you can gather about them.

With this, you understand their way of life, thought processes, and attitudes. Now, you must understand that not all your customers have the same qualities – no two humans do. Hence, these are just guides to the people you are trying to…

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