Excuse me…Eight MEN Play on the Iranian WOMEN’S Soccer Team…

According to reports, eight male players compete on Iran's women's soccer team due to transgender rule.

The Iranian professional women’s football association may have taken advantage of the biggest technicality in the sport’s history, along with displaying the most “2018 thing” to date.

Reports have surfaced that the women’s football squad is actually riddled with male players, eight full grown males to be exact! These men claim to be transgender human beings, truly identifying themselves to be the female gender at their core. All eight of the players are mysteriously “awaiting sex change operations.”

The Iranian football association has now been accused by many for practicing extremely “unethical” tactics within the sports world. Continuously displaying the conscious decision to field all eight of the male players in a 100% female organization. All while making the far-fetched attempt to conceal their true gender identity.

“[Eight players] have been playing with Iran’s female team without completing sex change operations.” Said Mojtabi Sharifi, an official close to the Iranian soccer association.

Immediate action has been administered by Iranian authorities, ordering specific gender testing for the entire Iranian national team, including their star league players. This is actually not the first instance of taking advantage of the gender confusion in the Iranian football league, in 2014, four men were caught competing as women.

By rule, transgender players must undergo a sex change operation to be even be considered for the female league.

None of the players went through with the surgery, ultimately hiding under the biggest sports PC rule of them all.

These “transgender” players have been able to conceal their true identity for years. This is due to the strict rules the Iranian women’s football association currently operate under, all in regards to required attire worn on the field.

Each player must play in completely covered “tracksuit bottoms, long sleeved tops and hijab head scarves.”  Via www.telegraph.co.uk

Strict Iranian law governs sexual morality in the country, for example, Iranian Sharia legal code forbids homosexuality and pre-marital sex.

Due to these strict laws, sex changes have become the popular way to combat these religious codes throughout the country of Iran (If you’re gay the choices are, get a sex change or die). The procedure usually takes two years to complete and includes stints with hormone therapy before their official sex change journey is complete.

In Iran, soccer is the most popular sport by a long shot, and is pretty much the only sport women are allowed to participate in. Although women are allowed to play soccer, religious rules restrict these women of the opportunity to even enter stadiums to watch male teams compete. Women have very few rights in Iran, all due to their strict religious codes.

The women of Iran seldom get to enjoy professional opportunities in the world of sports, the stunt pulled by the women’s football association, along with the men who participated, is frankly, despicable and cowardly. It truly serves as a reminder of the hardships some women have to deal with in other countries.