FBI Agents Revolt At Hillary Non-Indictment, Feel James Comey Is Dirty Cop

Originally published by The Lid

by Jeffrey Dunetz

FBI Chief Comey’s decision recommending not to indict, or even open a grand jury investigation against Hillary Clinton over her use of an unsecured email server for classified information has led to mistrust and backlash by conservatives and Republicans in Congress. Comey’s release of some of the FBI notes led to additional consternation as the public learned Hillary didn’t know that “C” stood for classified, and that the FBI gave out amnesty like candy given out on Halloween, and followed by destroying evidence. All of this is leading to problems within the FBI, as agents are beginning to believe the FBI director is a “dirty cop.”

Joseph diGenova has a storied career as U.S. Attorney, Special prosecutor in the District of Columbia, and Council to various Senate committees and because if his long career, has deep ties within the FBI.  DiGenova spoke to the American Spectator informing them that the FBI is in “revolt” over James Comey in the Hillary Clinton email case.  The reason more stories haven’t broken through is that Comey “pursues ‘paranoid, delusional, and vindictive,’ measures to prevent negative information leaking out to the public.’

“I know that inside the FBI there is a revolt,” Joseph diGenova tells The American Spectator. “There is a revolt against the…

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