Former NFL WR Wins Ohio GOP Primary

Former NFL WR, Anthony Gonzalez, wins Ohio Republican primary

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Former Indianapolis Colts wide receiver and Ohio State Buckeyes football star, Anthony Gonzalez, won the Republican primary in Ohio’s 16th congressional district on Tuesday.

Gonzalez is set to replace outgoing Ohio Representative Jim Renacci.

The former NFL star came out victorious, with 53% of the vote beating out big names like Ohio Senator Christina Hagan, and current medical physician Michael Grusenmeyer, for the Ohio Republican nomination.

Gonzalez initially benefited from a $300,000 ad buy from the U.S. chamber of Commerce and hasn’t looked back since. With different organizations and people like Champaign County, GOP Rep. Jim Jordan and the Susan B. Anthony List backing the opposition, Gonzalez clearly fought hard for this opportunity.

Gonzalez, who only began his initial bid for congress nine months ago, received tremendous amounts of support from his NFL family. Former teammates Peyton Manning and Austin Collie, and Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Hallam all supported his candidacy.

“Our goal has been to authentically represent our shared values while articulating our vision for the future of Northeast Ohio and our great country,”

“As we look forward to the November election and a new challenge, we will continue to double down on this same strategy.” Gonzalez wrote in a statement.

Gonzalez is set to run against the healthcare focused, Susan Moran Palmer, who won a six way Democratic primary.

Anthony Gonzalez was an Ohio State football legend during his three year career, earning multiple awards and accolades like the Rhodes Scholar candidate, and first-team All-Big Ten in 2007. The Indianapolis Colts drafted Gonzalez in the first round of the 2007 NFL draft, and he snatched a starting WR job in 2009. Over a short period of time, injuries started to decompose Gonzalez’s career, and although he would stay persistent, he ended up getting cut by the Patriots in 2012.

If Gonzalez can win his election in November, he will become the fourth former NFL player to hold a position in Congress, sitting next to names like Hall of Fame WR Steve Largent, QB Heath Shuler, and lineman Joe Runyan.