Morning Minute – May 24, 2018

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  • Getting tough on China: Pentagon boots Chinese navy from massive Pacific wargame – The Washington Times
    • The Department of Defense has withdrawn its invitation to China to take place in the world’s largest annual navy military exercises in the Pacific Ocean. China, the U.S., and other ‘Pacific Rim’ nations have conducted these drills since 2014, but this move comes as China continues to militarize disputed areas in the South China Sea.


  • Secret Iranian Missile Base found, experts think it’s building long range missiles, report says – The Daily Wire
    • The New York Times reports that military weapons experts believe they’ve found a secret military base in the remote Iranian desert. They believe the base has been used for developing “advanced rocket engines and rocket fuel” that can be used in long-range missiles. The discovery was made prior to President Trump pulling out of the Iran Deal, and evidence shows the site may have been in use for years.




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