Get Ahead of Student Loans: An Interview with Pitt’s Janet McLaughlin

by Anna Rohac

Over 44 million people in America hold a collective student debt total of $1.28 trillion. The numbers speak for themselves: student debt continues to rise in the U.S. leaving many students financially burdened for years after receiving their diploma.

This information begs the questions: What is the university doing to help its students overcome and deal with student loans?

In order to determine this answer, I interviewed Janet McLaughlin, Associate Director of Financial Aid for Client Services and Special Programs at Pitt’s Office of Admissions and Financial Aid.

The interview

One of the most difficult issues to face in terms of student loan debt is informing students of what exactly that loan, and the debt that follows it, will entail. There are students who are not well-versed in the terms and conditions that apply to loans as it is not something that is normally included in a high school, or even a college, curriculum.

The Office of Admissions wants to…

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