Hillary Clinton Never Met A War She Didn’t Want Other Americans To Fight

Originally published by Conservative HQ

by Doug Bandow, Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute

There many reasons to oppose Hillary Clinton’s presidential run, including a history of scandal. Worse, she would lead America into more foolish wars.

Clinton’s beliefs, behavior, and promises all demonstrate that she embraces the militaristic status quo. In fact, her proclivity for promiscuous war-making has attracted the support of leading Neoconservatives, including some architects of the disastrous Iraq war.

For instance, while First Lady she pushed for U.S. intervention in the Balkans—attacking the Bosnian Serbs and then Serbia. Alas, Bosnia remains badly divided while Kosovo has turned into a gangster state.

Sen. Hillary Clinton strongly backed the Iraq invasion. Only after it turned out badly and threatened to damage her political career did she acknowledge her mistake.

Clinton supported the Obama administration’s decision to double down, twice, on its expensive yet failed nation-building mission in Afghanistan. She was more responsible than anyone else for America’s Libyan misadventure, another attempt at regime change on the cheap, though with a humanitarian gloss. The war left another failed state, host to Islamic State killers and convulsed by civil war.

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