Honoring our Veterans and Veterans Organizations

Veterans Day

In honor of Veterans’ Day we here at TheLead.com wanted to tell you about some veterans and veterans organizations.

Congressman Jim Banks

Congressman Banks serves in the U.S. Navy Reserve as a supply corps officer and took a leave of absence from the Indiana State Senate in 2014 and 2015 to deploy to Afghanistan during Operations Enduring Freedom and Freedom’s Sentinel. He received the Defense Meritorious Service Medal for his military leadership in Afghanistan. Congressman Jim Banks

On January 3, 2017, Banks began representing Indiana’s Third Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives. Banks currently serves on the House Armed Services; Veterans Affairs; and Science, Space, and Technology Committees.

Congressman Scott Taylor

Congressman Scott Taylor

Shortly after graduation, Scott decided to enlist in the Navy. He signed up to join one of the most feared fighting forces in the world, the Navy SEALS. After completing the six-month BUD/S training course in Coronado, California, Scott was assigned to SEAL Team 4 and served in the United States and Latin America, where he developed a fluency in Spanish.

After September 11, Scott chose to re-enlist and in 2005 was sent to Baghdad and Ramadi as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom where he served as a Navy SEAL sniper. While on a combat mission, Scott was severely injured and was Medevac’d out of Iraq to Germany, then eventually back to the States.

In January, 2017, Scott was sworn into the U.S. House of Representatives as Congressman for Virginia’s Second District. He is the first freshman member from Virginia to ever be appointed to the Appropriations Committee for a full term. As a Member of Congress, one of Scott’s primary goals is to give his constituents a voice on the House Appropriations Committee, which oversees federal expenditures. As a combat veteran, Scott is working to ensure veterans and their families are taken care of, our economy continues to improve, and national security remains a top priority.

Sakima Brown

Sakima Brown graduated from West Point with the Class of 1998.  From her time at The Point through her eleven year career as an Army Officer, Sakima Brown forged a path for women to follow in US Military Leadership.  She served a combat tour in Iraq.  She managed the Army’s role in humanitarian relief in
Central America.  She served in the Quartermaster’s Corps Fort Bragg, Fort Lee, and Fort Riley.  When she left active duty, Sakima immediately joined the Veterans of Foreign Wars, where she serves today as Commander for the VFW ‘s 2nd District of New York.

Sakima Brown

After her Army tour Sakima Brown returned to her hometown.  There she founded a business and operated it for eight years.  During that time her focus became improving the educational experiences of her own daughters, Roshauna and Jordan, as well as all the other children of Poughkeepsie.  She served on the City’s School Board, finishing her tenure as its president.  These educational experiences drew her to school and family advocacy, where she could continue to work with young students and their parents to further improve their success rates in school.
Now Sakima has turned her attention to the Congress of the United States.  She is still dreaming the big dream of serving the people of her district and her nation.  With her history of never settling for less, Sakima Brown has become a resource for the citizens of the 18th District of New York.


HeroBox is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports deployed, injured, aging and homeless veterans. Their mission is to ensure that every American hero receives the physical and moral support they deserve.Herobox

HeroBox evolved from a family’s simple effort of supporting their hero. HeroBox founder Ryan Housley learned during his brother’s deployment that many service members were not receiving any support from home. He also noticed that all deployed service members have specific needs depending on their gender, location and a variety of other factors. Most care packages are generic and don’t provide the items our heroes need.

Ryan worked with his brother to develop a web platform that would connect the American people with their heroes instantly online. Thus giving service members the ability to request specific items and providing Americans with a way to directly support the troops. HeroBox.org was launched in May 2008 to support this vision. HeroBox now has volunteers in all 50 states who help us support tens of thousands of deployed service members each year. In 2013, HeroBox expanded its programs to include injured, aging and homeless veterans.

Mutts with a Mission

In 2004, Mutts with a Mission founder SSG Brooke Corson was called to active duty and sent to Ft. Benning, GA as a Supply Sergeant for Bravo Company 1/50 Infantry Training Battalion. While there in 2006 she acquired Angus, a Cairn Terrier puppy, who went everywhere allowable with her. Angus could be seen on ruck marches, the Malone Ranges, the Weapons Pool, all over Post. Thankfully, SSG Corson had an understand 1SG and Angus soon won the hearts of many soldiers all over Ft. Benning.

Mutts with a missionSSG Corson started realizing the valuable impact dogs have when the Drill Sergeants started visiting Angus at all times of the day just to have him sit in their laps. No matter how their day went a visit with Angus made it better. Unfortunately, shortly after SSG Corson returned home Angus was killed in a tragic accident. However, his legacy remains with every team we graduate.

In 2008, Brooke, her husband Joe, and brother, Keller, banded together to form Mutts with a Mission in order to provide highly skilled Service Dogs utilizing “unwanted” dogs from shelters and rescues.

In 2011, Mutts with a Mission moved from Maine to the Central Virginia area. Knowing from previous experience that owner-owned dogs can be very successful and wanting to get away from the traditional 2+ year waiting lists, Mutts with a Mission shifted focus from program trained dogs to owner-owned dogs. Our owner-owned dogs meet the same requirements their program trained dogs do, so there is no reason to expect anything but the best from the owner-owned teams.

They strive to ensure that all of their Service Dog teams are of exceptionally high quality and that their handlers have the knowledge that they need to operate as a fully functional Service Dog team. They provide ongoing support to their teams throughout the working life of the dog and when retirement looms on the horizon, they help select and train the “replacement” Service Dog.


The goal of SEAL PAC is to elect more veterans and like-minded leaders — to strengthen America and protect our Constitution.

Rob O'Neill

They are determined to be a loud and booming voice for thousands of veterans and patriots who want to see the United States regain the strength, prosperity, and freedom it once enjoyed.  As Ronald Reagan said, “Of the four wars in my lifetime, none came about because the U.S. was too strong.”

Just 30 years ago, nearly 77 percent of Congress had at least some military experience.  Today that number is less than 20 percent.  This is a dangerous trend and it’s having a negative impact.  Unlike career politicians, veterans are much more likely to understand what it takes to keep America strong and free.

The chairman of SEAL PAC is Robert O’Neill, one of the most highly-decorated combat veterans of our time and the author of the memoir The Operator: Firing the Shots That Killed Osama bin Laden and My Years as a SEAL Team Warrior.

As a former Commando at our Nation’s most elite SEAL Team, he deployed more than a dozen times and held combat leadership roles in more than 400 combat missions in four different theaters of war. A highly-trained Navy SEAL, he led the military’s most elite units and was involved in our nation’s most important campaigns. With most of his career classified, O’Neill was the man on the ground we never heard of, but knew existed. He was one of the quiet professionals performing the most difficult tasks in the most difficult circumstances, serving his remarkable career in the shadows and keeping America safe in the process.