How to Quit Your Job Without Ruining Your Budget (Or Reputation)

by Desirae Odjick, GenFKD

As awkward as it is, when it comes time to quit your job, you need to look your boss in the face and tell them that you’re leaving. Leaving on good terms, with mutual respect, might not make for a stellar viral video, but it does happen to be a great strategy for your career, your reputation and your wallet.

In fact, given how valuable your network is, there’s probably a delayed financial incentive to keep your boss on Team You during the transition. You never know when you’ll be in a position to work with them again or need them as a reference, so let’s make sure this whole quitting business goes off without a hitch – without leaving you broke.

First up, let’s talk timing

If you’re reading this, let’s assume that your current gig isn’t checking off every box on your career must-have list, and you’re preparing to call it quits. Maybe you’ve scored another job, maybe you’re venturing out on your own or maybe you just need out ASAP.

Your first step is going to be setting a timeline to pull the plug on your job. This will depend on factors including the current state of your job search and the current state of your emergency fund, so take a look at your life (and your bank balance) and give yourself a reasonable timeline. Then, once you’ve gathered up the nerve to leave, offer a standard two weeks’ notice.

“But what if I’m so…

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