It’s Official! Trump Wins Electoral College Vote (Hillary Loses More Votes Than Trump)

Originally published by The Lid


Texas put him over the top…The Electoral College has affirmed Donald J. Trump as the nation’s 45th president, pushing him past the 270-vote threshold for election, there was little evidence scant evidence of the anti-Trump revolt among electors that some of his critics had hoped would occur, but there was an anti-Hillary vote

So far there have been 7 attempts at faithless voting, all by Democrats pledged to vote for Clinton. In Washington State, four defected, two to former Secretary of State Colin Powell and two voting for Faith Spotted Eagle  according to The Seattle TimesFaith Spotted Eagle is an elder and spiritual leader of the Ihanktonwan Dakota Oyante in South Dakota, who has been the Dakota Access Pipeline.

In Maine an elector declared his intention to change his vote to Bernie Sanders but was ultimately “persuaded” to vote for Hillary per his duty.In Minnesota an elector attempt to…

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