It’s The Economy, Mr. President! Exclusive!

Since taking office President Trump has constantly been hit with harsh criticism over a wide array of problems. His immigration policies, the turmoil in the White House, a lack of laws passed and his dealings with Russia during the election have clouded his administration.

One place he’s been able to avoid a lot of the critiques, and in fact receive some praise, is with the economy.

Today the DOW Jones broke 22,000 for the first time ever. Unemployment in June was at 4.4%, one of the lowest months since prior to the crash of 2008. GDP Growth in the second quarter was 2.6%, a great improvement on the first quarter’s 1.2%.

Luckily for President Trump, these economic wins may be enough to save him.

According to a recent YouGov Poll, 67% of Americans said that the economy is a very important issue for them. The only issue more people said was “Very Important” was health care at 70%. Additionally, out of 15 policy issues, 15% of Americans said the economy was the “MOST important” thing to them. This was just behind healthcare at 17% and social security at 16%.

Broken down by political opinions, 20% of Republicans marked the economy as the most important issue, more than any other issue. For independents it only ranked behind social security, 18% to 16%.

With how important the economy is to President Trump’s supporters, and even those who don’t support him, he would be wise to put more of his focus onto the economy. The social issues get the attention of the press and social media because they’re far more incendiary, but the economy is what really matters.

The “poll” that President Trump should focus on is actually quite optimistic for the him. This poll would be the stock market, which is essentially a poll of consumer confidence in the U.S. economy. American businesses are thrilled with Trump’s pro-business approach that they didn’t see under President Obama. He is cutting regulations at a record pace, so consumers and investors feel more confident and willing to spend their money.

President Trump was elected primarily for his financial successes. If he’s able to keep the economy strong and growing, voters will likely look past a lot of their concerns about the President.

Although it’s only one aspect of his job, President Trump would be wise to shift America’s focus to his economic accomplishments.