Jacobson: Hillary’s campaign is short-circuiting and the cure is … ManBearPig?

 knocks it out of the park with his latest commentary on Hillary’s campaign for LegalInsurrection.com.

He writes:

In late August, when Hillary was flying high in the polls, I predicted that while the race could tighten, it would take the equivalent of lightening striking for her to lose it.

If I were in Hillary’s position I’d run out the clock as well, and hope that lightning doesn’t strike the field.

Lightning struck Hillary at the 9/11 Memorial, figuratively at least. Prior to that, she already wasslipping in the polls, as Trump put together a couple of weeks without self-inflicted wounds, and the stories about Hillary holding fundraiser after fundraiser with the super wealthy as she stayed off the campaign trail too a toll.

When we look back at the campaign, if Hillary loses that will be the moment when she lost it.

The convulsions and collapse were just part of it. The lies and coverup were much more important. The woman and her campaign can’t tell the truth about anything, it’s all spin. The 9/11 medical event reminded people why Hillary is so disliked.

Hillary’s overly-staffed, big money-spending campaign appears flummoxed. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Hillary is bleeding younger and progressive voters who are turning to third party candidates.

So Hillary reportedly has a plan.

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