Jeb! Hits Homerun with Emmy Appearance, 2020 Run All But Certain?

Jeb Bush’s cameo appearance this week in a video with Emmy host Jimmy Kimmel has garnered rave reviews across the political and entertainment spectrum, demonstrating once again the staying power of failed candidacies as good TV fodder for self-mockery (here’s a clip of Mitt Romney on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon as one example).

As these post-campaign appearances tend to do, Jeb! shows a far more loose and likeable side of himself than the stuffy, preachy wonk who garnered a mere 4 convention delegates after more than $150 million was spent on his behalf.

Despite the historic lack of return for the money, the Emmy appearance only fuels speculation that the Bush dynasty is still eyeing a return to power in 2020. Jeb! penned an op-ed in The Hill this summer on the future of the GOP that presumed a Donald Trump loss in November, blasting the Republican nominee as “not the future” of the party. Lingering in public while knifing the party’s current nominee are not-so-subtle signals that Jeb! plans to see the White House remain with the Democrats, setting the stage for his triumphant return.