Kaepernick Refuses to stop Protest, NFL Still Refuses to Sign Him…

Colin Kaepernick’s first NFL work out since the end of the 2016 season, was cancelled due to his refusal to stop national anthem protests.

Colin Kaepernick finally scheduled his first NFL workout opportunity (Seattle Seahawks) since becoming a free agent well over a year ago. His gap of NFL job opportunity quickly closed, and only had himself to blame. The scheduled workout was immediately pulled by the Seattle Seahawks after learning information about Kaepernick’s future plans for his on-field protests.

The former 49ers quarterback refused to specify exactly to team officials whether or not he would continue to take a knee during the playing of our country’s national anthem. This news immediately drew back the Seahawks organization, which led to the franchise pulling the meeting and the workout.

The Seahawks organization contacted Kaepernick two weeks ago, with intentions on possibly signing the once great QB to back up franchise player, Russel Wilson. The plans were to arrange a visit to Seattle’s main headquarters, for a players meeting and workout. The flights were booked, and the arrangements had been made for both parties involved, but after all the careful planning, the trip unexpectedly was scraped by the Seahawks organization. The cancellation was directly related to Kaepernick’s latest information on his refusal to stop the anthem protest.

“The Seahawks organization wanted to know that Colin Kaepernick wouldn’t kneel this season, and he was unwilling to give that assurance to them.” Via ESPN.

Kaepernick’s workout being pulled by the Seattle Seahawks comes only days before a scheduled deposition in New York City, that will be conducted by multiple licensed NFL attorneys. The deposition is completely focused on dealing with Kaepernick’s alleged status of being “blackballed” from the NFL by their owners and representatives.

The Seahawks are currently still exploring options at the backup quarterback position, saying Kaepernick is an option, but the team just signed former Redskins quarterback Stephen Morris to a multi-year deal. Which kind of puts the official stamp of denial on Kaepernick’s chances of signing with the historic Seattle franchise.

The only person Kaepernick has to blame at this point needs to be himself, he needs a long look in the mirror. After disrespecting our nation’s military and political leaders, Kaepernick continued to complain and will continue to look to pull his “poor me”  victim card any chance he can. The American people are sick of his nonsense, and obviously, the NFL and their owners are extremely fed up as well.

Colin Kaepernick was once an electrifying NFL talent at the quarterback position, leading the San Fransisco 49ers to a Super Bowl run. No doubt, Kaepernick is an NFL talent still to this day, but only in a back- up role. Its just this simple…No NFL organization will EVER sign a player with Kap’s type of self-imposed baggage and selfishness, all the backlash that would surround a franchise isn’t worth his talents, even on his best day. Especially when he plans on sustaining his “protest” that disrespects our country and the brave people who fight protect it week in and week out.

Kaepernick will keep up the persistent claim of being blackballed from the NFL, but all signs are pointing to the complete contrary. Since becoming a free agent after the 2016 NFL season, the Seahawks have visited him TWICE, along with a lone visit with the Baltimore Ravens.

All of these visits were dealing with possible workouts and meetings for JOB OPPORTUNITY, but Kap will insist on taking a knee, calling the rest of world racist bigots while he’s doing it.