Lance Armstrong Settles $100 Million U.S.P.S. Lawsuit for $5 Million

Lance Armstrong reached a $5 million settlement with the United States federal government over blood doping scandal.

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Lance Armstrong and his super team of lawyers, were able to avoid trial by reaching a settlement with the United States federal government over a “whistleblower” lawsuit that specifically dealt with a former teammate of Armstrong. The lawsuit originally requested $100 million in restitution, but Armstrong and the U.S. federal government agreed to settle the long, ongoing case for an amount of $5 Million.

The sum of the settlement is consequently tied to Armstrong’s use of performing enhancing drugs (PED’s/Blood Doping) while operating as a United States Postal Service sponsor. The lawsuit against Armstrong was originally made by Floyd Landis in 2010. Floyd was a former cycling teammate of Lance, who also operated under the United States Postal Service (USPS) sponsor.

 “I have made peace with the Postal Service.”

“While I believe that their lawsuit against me was meritless and unfair, and while I am spending a lot of money to resolve it, I have since 2013 tried to take full responsibility for my mistakes and inappropriate conduct, and make amends wherever possible,” he said. “I rode my heart out for the Postal cycling team, and was always especially proud to wear the red, white and blue eagle on my chest when competing in the Tour de France. Those memories are very real and mean a lot to me.” Said Armstrong

In 2013 the federal government joined the lawsuit against Armstrong, distinctively, after he confessed to using performance enhancing drugs (PED’s) during an interview that eventually reached millions of viewers. Lance Armstrong’s career, name and legacy was forever tarnished at this point, being stripped of all seven of his Tour de France titles, along with losing every single sponsor and forfeiting millions of dollars for penalties and retribution.

With the terms of Thursday’s settlement being certified, Lance Armstrong is ordered to pay back a total sum of $5 million, of that sum, Lance must pay his former USPS teammate, Floyd Landis, 22%, which comes out to around $1.65 million. The thing that is ironic about the situation, is the fact that Armstrong must pay a man who is culpable for his own downfall.

Armstrong ultimately must pay retribution to a man that committed the same wrongful cyclist sins. He has to pay the man that straight up betrayed him. Frankly, he must pay the man that got caught using PED’s, and simply snitched on every other cyclist that was on the team.

This settlement brings somewhat of a conclusion to a long, confusing and unfortunate story about a great athlete, who wanted to cheat the rules. Over the last eight years, Lance Armstrong has paid more than $20 Million in legal lawsuits and settlements. Although it is believed that Armstrong is still worth millions of dollars, all due to smart investments, properties, personal owned bike shops and being a podcast host.

“I am glad to resolve this case and move forward with my life,”

“I’m looking forward to devoting myself to the many great things in my life — my five kids, my wife, my podcast, several exciting writing and film projects, my work as a cancer survivor, and my passion for sports and competition. There is a lot to look forward to.” Armstrong said.

The team’s contract as a USPS sponsor resulted in $32.3 million for the team. While the government could have asked for triple of that sum from Armstrong, the agreed settlement sum reached was the exact amount Armstrong and his lawyers offered to the government five years ago.

With all things considered, Armstrong is getting away from this lawsuit on the winning end, having to pay $5 million instead of $100 million. At the end of the day, Lance Armstrong needs to be grateful, and just consider himself a lucky…lucky, man.