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  • Shooter kills one, wounds 7 at Tennessee church – CNN
    • Emanuel Samson killed one person and wounded 6 more, plus himself, when he opened fire at a Christian church in Davidson County, Tennessee. The shooter accidentally shot himself when he was tackled by an usher, Robert Engle.


  • New travel ban adds North Korea, Venezuela – USA Today
    • After President Trump’s original travel ban expired Sunday, he unveiled a new ban, and included three additional nations: Chad, North Korea, and Venezuela. The 9 countries included in the travel ban have governments that refuse to follow U.S. standards for providing information of its citizens.


  • Graham, Cassidy pull out the stops in race to uproot Obamacare – Fox News
    • Senate Republicans are re-working their latest Obamacare replacement bill after multiple Republicans stated that they would not support the bill. They must pass the bill by midnight on Saturday, otherwise they will need 60 votes, rather than 51.



  • Iraqi Kurdistan is holding an independence referendum – NBC News
    • One the greatest allies in the fight against ISIS, the Kurds in Iraq, are voting today to break away from Iraq. The Kurds are mostly Sunni Muslims living in the mountain region that spans across Iraq, Syria, Armenia, Turkey, and Iran.