The Lead’s 5 at 10

5 at 10 is compiling the top 5 stories of the day from around the web. This is your one stop shop to quickly catch up on the most important news every morning. So grab a cup of coffee and check out TheLead’s 5 biggest headlines at 10 a.m.

  • 4 South Carolina officers shot after domestic violence call – CNN
    • Police in South Carolina were called to a house early this morning for a domestic violence complaint, but 4 officers were shot and injured. The suspect took off on foot, but was injured in a shootout with police, and all 5 are recovering in the hospital.




  • Is DACA deal headed for disaster? – Fox News
    • Although it seems Republicans and Democrats both want a deal to renew DACA, the chances are slim due to Dick Durbin’s accusations that President Trump is racist for calling some countries ‘sh–hole countries.’



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