Legal Insurrection: CNN Expert: Terror Threat ‘I Don’t Worry About Terrorism’

Originally published by Legal Insurrection

Don’t look for Phil Mudd to be joining the Trump anti-terrorism team anytime soon . . . Mudd, a CNN counterterrorism analyst, declared today that the threat of terrorism is “modest.” When it comes to young people, Mudd said that he worries about gangs and drugs: “I don’t worry about terrorism.”

Mudd also argued that tight restrictions on Muslim immigration would be giving ISIS want it wants by setting ISIS up as the counterbalance to the West and the defender of Islam. Mudd apparently believes that allowing a freer flow of Muslim refugees into the United States, as Hillary wanted, would appease ISIS rather than giving it the opening to carry out more attacks. ISIS is not interested in good relations. It wants only to destroy the West and establish its caliphate. People like Mudd, whom CNN chooses as its “expert,” apparently don’t understand that.

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