Legal Insurrection: Israelis worried about more Obama UN moves


Originally published by Legal Insurrection


I’ve been warning that Obama’s passage of the recent anti-Israel UN Security Council resolution was not necessarily the “final” jab at Israel.

Obama still has three more weeks left in which time he can achieve substantial UN action.

The Israelis have reason to be fearful, asserting they have ‘Ironclad Information’ the Obama administration both pushed and helped craft the prior Resolution.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is urging his ministers not to attack Obama personally, reflecting the widely accepted view that Obama was acting out of spite and personal animus:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged Likud ministers Sunday to stop criticizing US President Barack Obama and calling for annexing territories and building in settlements as a response to United Nations Security Council resolution 2334 that passed Friday.

In a meeting with Likud ministers, he warned them that Obama could follow up on his decision to abstain on the anti-Israel resolution by taking further steps against Israel before he leaves office on January 20.

Haaretz reports on…

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