Legal Insurrection: Still no calls for boycott as Turkish academic purge continues

Originally published by Legal Insurrection

The purge of Turkish academia has been extensive, as we documented in several posts since the July 15, 2016 failed coup.

That purge met with some letters of criticism from American academic groups, but no calls for boycotts of Turkish academia of the sort that are pushed aggressively against Israel. We noted that hypocrisy previously:

If you thought that Erdogan was done with the purge, you would be wrong. It continued this week,Turkey detains another 15 academics over use of ‘suspected’ mobile app:

Fifteen academics who were claimed to be using ByLock, a smart phone messaging application, were detained on Saturday as part of a witch-hunt targeting the Gülen movement.

Detention warrants issued for 23 faculty members from Turkey’s Ege University. While 15 of them have been so far detained during operations in İzmir, Manisa and Ankara provinces, the remaining eight are still wanted.

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