Liberal Media Loves North Korean Olympic Delegation – Ignores Human Rights Abuses

North Korea Olympics

The 2018 Winter Olympics are in full swing right now in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Although the competition between the athletes is heating up, one of the main stories has been courtesy of their neighbors to the north. The liberal mainstream media has been showing their true colors during the Olympics with their coverage of, or affection for, North Korea.

Biased Coverage

Before the Winter Olympics even began, NBC was slammed for the reporting done by Lester Holt in North Korea. In what looked more like a propaganda piece, Holt visited a ski resort that he said is a “source of immense pride for a country trying to present a new and modern face to the world.” However, the resort built to make the nation appear prosperous has been mostly deserted since it was “opened.” Lester also failed to mention that all of the skiers around him wore matching outfits, like actors out of an 80’s film.

The media has continued this infatuation during the Olympics. CNN praised Kim Jong Un’s sister at the opening ceremonies stating Kim Jong Un’s sister is stealing the show at the Winter Olympics. In a disgusting comparison, The Washington Post called her the ‘Ivanka Trump of North Korea,’ and said she was captivating people in South Korea during the games. North Korea also sent a large group of cheerleaders to represent the nation at the athletic competitions. Although the group, with its synchronized cheers and matching outfits, is clearly scripted, that hasn’t stopped ABC News from glorifying the propagandists.

This is the same liberal media that has been comparing President Trump to Adolf Hitler for the past year. They claim to stand up for democracy and human rights by “warning” us about President Trump being a dictator. Unfortunately for them, their true colors show when they applaud a true authoritarian like North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.

The Real North Korea

In their 2017 World Report, the Human Rights Watch stated

North Korea remains one of the most repressive authoritarian states in the world, ruled for seven decades by the Kim family and the Worker’s Party of Korea. During his fifth year in power, Kim Jong-Un continued to generate fearful obedience by using public executions, arbitrary detention, and forced labor; tightening travel restrictions to prevent North Koreans from escaping and seeking refuge overseas; and systematically persecuting those with religious contacts inside and outside the country.

Amnesty International has warned about many other cases of human rights abuse in North Korea. The dictatorial regime has sent at least 50,000 workers to other nations to do hard labor, regardless of labor laws, essentially as slaves. They often arbitrarily arrest foreigners on small or made up charges, such as “spying,” and sentence them extremely harshly. This includes an American college student, Frederick Otto Warmbier, who was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor for taking a propaganda poster. Unfortunately, he was tortured for a year and returned to the U.S. on death’s doorstep. Additionally, most citizens are denied internet and international phone services, and the lucky few get severely limited and closely monitored access.

The liberal media has truly shown how backward their priorities are by applauding an abusive authoritarian while slamming their own nation. The United States is one of the freest and most open societies in world history, evidenced largely by the right of the media to bash the President. If the media wants to claim any sense of morality, they should reevaluate their stance on North Korea and stop celebrating a brutal dictator like Kim Jong Un.