Economics Lessons for Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders is becoming increasingly desperate to recapture the momentum he once had. All he can do now is point the finger of blame at a growing li... Read more

How We Know California's New Rent Control Law Will Make Its Housing Shortage Worse

Rent controls propose using government regulation to solve the symptom—high prices—of a problem—a shortage of housing—which government regulation creat... Read more

The 8 Fastest Disappearing Jobs in America

Innovation moves the world forward, but not painlessly.... Read more

The Flaws of Elizabeth Warren’s Wealth Tax Plan

The “Ultra Millionaires Tax” should be a red flag for anyone who believes in personal responsibility, hard work, and private property.... Read more

There's Nothing Natural About Socialism

Democratic socialists are committed to destroying the voluntary and naturally-occurring relationships that develop in the marketplace among consenting ... Read more

The Problem With the Push for More College Degrees

We shouldn't be rushing students through college as quickly as possible, nor should we measure the worth of a degree simply by its economic utility.... Read more

Fake Meat Is Just Part of the Movement Toward Artificial Everything

In the brave new world of artificial everything, anything is possible.... Read more

Like Most Government Central-Planning Schemes, Zoning Laws Raise the Cost of Living

Rising property values are nice for those who own property, but they raise the barriers to home ownership and business startups for everybody else.... Read more

Community: The Missing Element in Modern Schools?

Could this be the key to the better American education so many of us long for?... Read more

10 Mistakes Young Professionals Make While Job Hunting

The mistakes young professionals make are usually a result of being new to the workforce.... Read more

President Trump Earns Big Win in 9th Circuit Court on Asylum Rule

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals hands President Trump a massive win with proposed asylum rule.... Read more

Fate and Accountability: The Choice Makes Us Who We Are

Are you someone who takes control of your own fate? Or do you merely bemoan the things that seem to happen to you?... Read more

Do Consumers Know What's Best for Them?

Like the mythical “economic man,” the Perfectly Wise Individual is a straw man created by the critics of the theory.... Read more

Did California Just Kill the Gig Economy?

The gig economy was never meant to be a traditional sector, so treating it as such belittles what it actually is.... Read more

How to Change Victimhood Culture in a Few, Short Years

Is there hope for the current entitlement culture???... Read more

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