When Sport Conquers Iranian Politics

Three prominent Iranian athletes have defected to the West in recent months. How many more will break with the tyranny in Tehran?... Read more

The European Green Deal Is Every Bit as Bad as Expected

The European Commission has unveiled its “European Green Deal,” after taking hints on denomination from its American counterpart, the “Green New Deal.”... Read more

How Cuba’s Dictatorship Hides its Dead Children

The long-praised Cuban health care system has quite a few secrets to hide, including the island's high death rates for small children.... Read more

'Jack Ryan' Gets 4 Pinocchios on Venezuela

Despite Venezuela’s track record of seizing the means of production of a multitude of industries⁠, there are still those who have trouble calling Venez... Read more

Europe’s Migration Influx: Premeditated and Problematic

The mass migration of people from Africa and the Middle East is a premeditated goal of the European political elites.... Read more

America’s Celebrity Culture Explains Why Harry and Meghan’s Flight Is Predictable

Being American, Meghan Markle probably expected life as a British royal to be the same as the Hollywood she was used to. That's not the case.... Read more

The Magna Carta Offered More Property Protection Than Modern US States

The nation is in the midst of a housing crisis. Government policies like zoning restrictions and rent control contribute to and sustain the problem.... Read more

5 Psychological Forces That Turn People into Political Hacks

To break free, we must examine how each and everyone of us are affected.... Read more

Is PC Culture in Danger of Extinction?

The behavior of PC types has hit some new lows, but the light at the end of the PC tunnel seems to be getting closer.... Read more

Planned Parenthood Lost 400,000 Donors Last Year

This year it was revealed that Planned Parenthood lost almost half a million individual donors last year.... Read more

The Fertility Industry Is a Science Fiction Nightmare

The fertility industry is an exploitative, morally bankrupt business which misleads and damages the people who donate their genetic material.... Read more

3D Printing of Body Parts is Coming- But Regulations Are Not Ready

While the future looks promising from a technical and scientific perspective, it’s far from clear how bioprinting will be regulated.... Read more

What 'The Witcher' Gets Right about Reputation and Business

A businessperson’s reputation is vitally important to their success.... Read more

DOJ Says Equal Rights Amendment Is Dead

DOJ opinion helps the pro-life cause, as the ERA is actually about legalizing abortion up until the moment of birth.... Read more

Three Bad Arguments for the Minimum Wage

Creating a minimum wage will simply disemploy the lowest-skilled among us, whose productivity is below the legal minimum wage.... Read more

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