17 Crazy Stats That Will Help You Understand the Streaming Wars

Media companies are scrambling to deliver high-quality content to consumers at affordable prices.... Read more

These Insurance Plans Subsidize Abortion

Majority of Americans do not support their tax dollars being used to fund abortions.... Read more

There's No Relief in Euthanasia

Embracing suffering, learning from it, and enduring it, benefits not only those we love, but ourselves as well.... Read more

3 Harmful Ideas That Are Weakening My Generation

A world immersed in paranoid concerns of safety distorts one's outlook, which is detrimental to the ability to function and thrive.... Read more

16 Children's Books You Didn't Know Were Anti-Authoritarian

Kids solving problems and getting out of predicaments on their own without the help of adults is a common theme in children's literature.... Read more

The Never-Ending PC Assault

Now it’s the Salvation Army’s turn...... Read more

The Silicon Valley Gulag

The near-homogeneity of Silicon Valley political beliefs has gone from wry punchline to national crisis in the United States.... Read more

How Much Can One Person Accomplish in a Day?

When we humans apply ourselves in a given day there's an untold amount of things we can accomplish.... Read more

In a World of Vast Streaming Options, Customer Is Still King

There is a truly staggering number of genre-based niche streaming services to satisfy almost every entertainment craving one might have.... Read more

Kids and Sexuality: Enough Is Enough

From Drag Queen Story Hour to swimming pool locker rooms, our culture has lost the idea of childhood innocence.... Read more

My Response to Time Magazine’s Cover Story on Capitalism

The case for true capitalism is a moral one that’s rooted in human nature and human rights.... Read more

IG’s Report Is Just Another Opportunity for Partisan Cherry-Picking

What came out of this newly released report won’t fully satisfy either side of the political aisle...... Read more

Life After Flight from Castro’s Cuba

It's difficult to leave your country and start a new life, the repressive regime in Cuba made that choice much easier for thousands of people.... Read more

When the Communists Abolished the Weekend

By abolishing the weekend, the Soviets were in one move able to strike a blow against both families and religious institutions.... Read more

What Mark Ruffalo Doesn’t Know About Socialist Movies

In Ruffalo’s paradise our rulers won’t stop with seizing our wealth. To maintain their power, they will need to control how we think.... Read more

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