Martin declares Schumer must visit middle America

Seniors Leader Blasts Chuck Schumer For “Woefully Uninformed” Death Tax Remarks

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In North Dakota, President Trump promised to repeal the Death Tax in order “protect small business and family farmers.” Democrats have called the President’s proposal “absurd” and claim that it “abandons progressivity.”

60 Plus Association Founder and Chairman Jim Martin today ripped New York Senator Chuck Schumer for his uninformed views about the Death Tax. He issued the following statement in response to remarks by Schumer regarding the Death Tax:

It’s sad that Senator Schumer is so woefully uninformed about the impact of the federal Death Tax. Perhaps he should remove himself from the salons of Manhattan and Capitol Hill for a day to visit the peanut farmers of southwest Georgia, where his fellow Democrat, Rep. Sanford Bishop, is supporting the abolition of this tax.

If Senator Schumer ever bothered to visit Middle America, he would learn first hand that many rural families have assets tied up in tracts of land that have been in the same family for generations, and that they should not be forced by the government to sell their land to pay this tax because of a death in the family.

Senator Schumer never met a tax he didn’t like but his support of this century-old relic that was supposed to be repealed after World War One is the true absurdity in this issue. Family farms, ranches and small businesses, and the communities in which they provide jobs, should not be punished because Senator Schumer doesn’t know the facts about the Death Tax.